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The World's Best Enameled Wire and Ribbon Parallel Gap Welders

SMAPRO180 Parallel Gap Welder Premium
SMAPRO180 Parallel Gap Welder Premium is company's flagship product. It is a parallel gap welder utilizing resistance or ohmic spot welding principle. With improved power supply, electrodes and computer processor, it can be used for gold ribbons, enameled wire, metal wire, and metal strip welding.

The most prominent invention of SMAPRO180 PG Welder Premium is that it can strip and then weld enameled wire directly to the welding pads or PC boards in one simple step operation. It not only can eliminate the costly and difficult stripping process, but also results neat, clean, pollution/corrosion free and more reliable welding joints. Naturally, the products manufactured meet RoHS requirements since there are no toxic soldering materials involved.

SMAPRO180 PG Welder  is protected by Patent Number: 201010213691.5 and 201020242562.4.

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Clean Free Electrodes
Model SW-ETD-N series “clean free” electrodes are especially designed for enameled wires welding applications to prevent the “build ups”.

Although these electrodes are designed for enameled wires welding applications, many customers have chosen them over the standard electrodes for their Gold Ribbon and metal wire/strip applications due to the superior performance these electrodes can offer. While catalog models has outline dimension 1/8” dia x 1.25” long to meet industry standard, custom dimensions are available per request.

Model SW-ETD-N series “clean free” electrodes is  protected by Patent Number: 201010217988.9.

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