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Electrodes - Standard and Clean Free

One of the biggest hurdles our engineering team ran into in the early days of PG welding was delicate and expensive electrodes. The goal was to develop a reliable, consistent, and durable, "set-it-and-forget-it" process. To achieve this, we had to revamp the way electrodes were made. After many hours and extensive material testing, we are proud to offer our SW-ETD electrode line.

Model SW-ETD series electrodes are especially designed for our full line of PG and PCB Welders. Our electrodes are each made from a single piece of High Temperature Molybdenum Alloy (HTM), High Purity Molybdenum Alloy (HPM) and Molybdenum Tungsten Alloy (MTA). These materials have been specially selected to give our electrodes superior durability under harsh conditions.

Once the alloy has been selected and procured, it is laser split and bonded back together with a thin adhesive insulator. This insulator is key to an effective weld and is carefully formulated to determine electrode separation and resistance lending consistency and reliability to the welding process.

Another industry innovation is our development and perfection of the Clean Free electrode. Specially designed to eliminate buildup associated with the enamel stripping process. All waste is burnt off in the One Step strip and weld operation. This Clean Free feature greatly increases electrode life and reduces process cycle time.

The standard electrodes are organized into 9 different families to suit different types of applications. Each family has 5 standard head sizes for different wire and ribbon sizes. The diameter and length of the standard electrodes are 3.0 mm x 30.0 mm and the clean free electrodes are 3.2 mm x 28 mm. The dimensions of these electrodes are designed to industry standards and can be used in many other manufacturers’ welders. The detailed parameters and outline drawings of these electrodes are shown in the PDF datasheet. While standard models can cover most of customers’ needs, custom designs are also available

Download PDF Product Data Sheet HERE

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