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2011 Catalog

The 2011 Product Catalog is on line for download now. Please click the image shown and download your copy today.

If you have any application questions or need any further information, please contact our sales department at:

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SMAPRO180 Parallel Gap Welder Pro

The SMAPRO180 Parallel Gap Welder Pro is our flagship product. Designed from the outset to raise the indusrty bar set by the SMAPRO100, the GP Welder Pro has quickly become our best selling model. New digital controls allow for the customization, saving, and setting of all weld parameters through a single interface. A more focused machine for short run and R&D processes, custom settings can be saved and recalled with ease to ensure consistency between users and products.

Like the SMAPRO100, the SMAPRO100 PG Welder strips and welds enameled wire in a simple, one step operation. It not only eliminates the costly and difficult stripping process, but also results neat, clean, pollution/corrosion free, reliable welding joints. Naturally, the welds meet RoHS requirements since there are no toxic soldering materials involved.

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Clean Free Electrodes

Our groundbreaking Model SW-ETD-N series “clean free” electrodes are especially designed for enameled wire welding applications to prevent the wasted build up often associated with the enamel wire stripping process.

Although these electrodes are designed for enameled wire applications, many customers have chosen them over the standard electrodes for their Gold Ribbon and metal wire applications due to the superior performance these electrodes can offer. We carry a wide variety of "standard" sized tools, but can accomidate just about any custom dimension upon request.

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