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Digital Microscopes

Digital Monocular Microscopes have increasingly become the "go-to" solution for inspection, high speed inspection, training, general ease of use, and troubleshooting in industries that involve small parts handling and manufacturing. Our SMAPRO58X series digital microscopes consists of a digital monocular microscope, CCD camera, a standard digital microscope boom stand and an adjustable 40 LED monoscope ring light. Due to the wide array of options available, we do not include the video display as a standard part of the digital scope kit, but it is available upon request. Additionally we have three camera options to choose from.


Our full line of Digital Monocular Microscopes deliver unbeatable optical performance for product inspection, operator training and production flow monitoring. We offer several different cameras, all with a different set of features designed to provide a range of options to suit your needs.


Download PDF Product Data Sheet HERE

Digital Camera Selection

The sensors used in our digital cameras are high quality CCD sensors. Unlike CMOS sensor based cameras, our full line of digital cameras produce high quality, low noise and high resolution images.This translates to greater video clarity, less eye strain and minimized operator fatigue.

Specially designed optics provide clarity and performance that quickly make our Digital Monocular Microscopes and Trinocoluar Microscopes the preferred workhorse of any top notch operation.


  Model SW-CCD-58N - NTSC video output. High value, low cost. Best seller!

  Model SW-CCD-58U - USB interface. Records still photos and videos. Record keeping & documentation!

  Model SW-CCD-58V - VGA video output. Image comparison at the touch of a button. Inspection Wizard!


Download PDF Product Data Sheet HERE

LCD Display

As a compliment to the line, we offer a standard 19" Digital Microscope LCD Display that offers 1366 x 768 pixel resolution and supports 720p signals for stunning image clarity. It can accept both NTSC and VGA video feeds. This allows it to seamlessly integrate with both of our "stand-alone" digital cameras, SW-CCD-58N and SW-CCD-58V.

The monitor is supplied with connection cables and a remote control.

Digital Camera Driver

Our Digital Camera Model SW-CCD-58U is designed for a USB computer interface for advanced control and recording options. To support this end, we offer a comprehensive software and driver package that can be downloaded below. 

Download Driver HERE

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