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Trinocular Microscope

Posted by SW Tech Equipment on November 1, 2010 at 6:10 PM

Our SMAPRO52X series Trinocular Microscopes are the ultimate optical tools for microelectronics and many other industries that involve small parts handling and manufacturing. They integrate all the best features of stereo and digital microscopes into one product allowing the user to view stereo and digital images of the objects simultaneously. SW Tech's SMAPRO52X series Trinocular Microscopes consist of a trinocular microscope body, two 10x eyepieces, one 0.5x object lens, a CCD camera, a standard stereo microscope boom stand and a 60 piece LED microscope ring light. Several different LCD monitors are available at additional charge.


SMAPRO52X series Trinocular Microscopes deliver unbeatable optical performance for product inspection, operator training and production flow monitoring. In addition, while digital camera model SMAPRO52U can take still digital photos and mini movies for record keeping and documentation, model SMAPRO52V allows two images to be displayed side-by-side for comparison. This function enhances the inspection process dramatically.


Click HERE to download SMAPRO52X specification sheet

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